About Wendy Kohli

Being married to Tej Kohli, wife is not the only role Wendy has taken on. She is a committed campaigner, photographer and all-around family woman with a mission to promote and develop a better quality of life for undeserved communities.

Our job is to be the voice of those who desperately need help, where society has let them through the cracks and turned their back on them. We want everyone we come in to contact with to have a better chance of a brighter future for themselves, their families and generations to come.


Promoting social change through positive impact is the heart of all my work, whether through FundaKohli or the Tej Kohli Foundation. I am particularly committed to inspiring and empowering more women to become the campaigners, activists and change-makers of the future.

As a mother and a wife, my family are my most importance source of inspiration, and there is nothing I love more than spending time at our home in London with my husband, our two children and our circle of close friends.


Born and raised in Costa Rica, Wendy has always maintained a
close bond with the country of her roots. Since then, she has
been based in several different parts of the world, and was a
co-founder of the charitable Tej Kohli Foundation with her
husband, the entrepreneur Tej Kohli.

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